miniskirt magazine

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

are we currently accepting submissions?

Submissions for Issue 07 will be open from September 10-25!

We open for submissions (almost) every month from the 10th – 30th/31st.

the basics:

  • miniskirt is a destination for love & romance
  • we publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and flash prose
  • we will publish visual art in future issues
  • we publish issues monthly, on the 7th of each month

the details:

what we’re looking for:

  • miniskirt is a destination for love & romance. we want your flirtations, your short & sweet confections. we adore romcom, but if you’ve got something dramatic, send that our way too!
  • all love is equal here at miniskirt, so give us your queer devotions, your hetero hymns, your poems about poly life, your stories where being ace is celebrated
  • anything from clean to full-on erotica (though erotica without nuanced characters will be a hard sell)
  • all kinds of genre mashups!
  • we accept sad endings, but you’re much more likely to get our attention with a happy one (the world is a shitshow, we only have so many emotional spoons & we prefer to send hope into the universe when we can); romance is The Point here
  • when it comes to visual art, mood is everything. send us figurative work or abstraction. we like it all: photography, painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, mixed media, digital design, even publication-quality photos of sculpture or installation. if it evokes luscious feelings, send it our way.
  • we’ll accept reprints if the original publication is more than three years old & the rights have reverted to you; just let us know in your cover letter.
  • we would love to see submissions from creators ages 16 to immortal.

please send us:


  • include a short cover letter (we are not formal, “yo, check out this poem” is fine but a full cover letter is also fine!)
  • no need to include a bio unless you really want to; we’ll ask for this if we accept your work
  • your written work in a word doc or .pdf attachment (no Google docs/links, please)

                          poetry: up to 5 poems, no more than 10pp total
                         prose:1 short story or CNF piece up to 5000 words
                                up to 3 flash pieces (fic or CNF), no more than 1250 words each

  • your visual art in a .pdf attachment a group of 4-10 pieces that work cohesively as a group
  • of course simultaneous submissions are okay, but please let us know asap if another publication snatches it up first! (we’ll be sad but we’ll send congratulatory emoji balloons)

please do NOT send:

  • more than 1 submission per reading period, unless we request it
  • submissions in more than 1 category per reading period
  • racist, queerphobic, xenophobic, ableist, or otherwise derogatory bullshit; no fetishization for fetishization’s sake
  • absolutely no work featuring sexual assault in any variety, even if the work is about a character surviving/overcoming it; while these stories are valid and need to be told, they just are not in miniskirt‘s aesthetic. there are plenty of journals out there who can and do take care of these stories; please submit there.
  • any work that needs a trigger warning but doesn’t have one (our EIC is a survivor of multiple traumas, and blindsiding her — or anyone else — is absolutely not the way to get an acceptance letter)

what to expect:

  • we respond to every submission, usually within 3-4 weeks (and often sooner!)
  • right now we’re just a baby lit mag getting our legs under us, so we can’t pay yet, but we are working toward that in the future
  • we nominate for Pushcart, Best of the Net, & Best Small Fictions
  • we promote the magazine and your work on Twitter & Instagram
  • a few writers will get more in-depth, personalized feedback at the editors’ discretion (anywhere from recommendations for other venues to submit to, to one-two paragraphs of editorial suggestions); unfortunately, we get so many submissions that it’s not possible to respond this way to every submission, so we apologize in advance for our form letter rejections -- if you're interested in feedback, let us know in your cover letter; we can't guarantee that we'll have time, but we will certainly try if we know you want it
  • keep up with us on Twitter & Insta: @miniskirtmag
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